Sensitive Teeth – Causes and Dental Interventions

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Tooth sensitivity is a problem affecting both children and adults. If drinking or eating hot or cold foods makes you wince in pain, chances are high that you are suffering from sensitive teeth. While the causes are many, teeth sensitivity is a problem that can be appropriately addressed by a dentist in Rockford, IL.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

The main cause of sensitive teeth and the twitching pain accompanying it is the exposure of the dentin, the bone-like portion of the tooth beneath the enamel. The dentin is sensitive to extreme temperature and the moment it experiences these conditions, it immediately transmits sensations to the nerves in the pulp cavity.

In addition to being the first line of defense, enamel and cementum also play a key role in lessening the magnitude of stimulations coming from the dentin. However, when the dentin is exposed, it may transmit pain signals even in conditions of moderate or slight changes in temperature and pressure. This makes the teeth overly sensitized.

The enamel portion may be eroded by acids from foods and beverages or by products of bacterial growth. The acids soften and dissolve the minerals responsible for the strength of the enamel. In extreme cases, the gums may also pull away or erode from the teeth leading to a condition referred to as gum recession.

What to Do to Alleviate Teeth Sensitivity

There are two main ways through which you can alleviate the painful sensitivity of your teeth. The first approach is home-based and the other is through a dental procedure.

As a personal initiative, you can strengthen your enamel by brushing your teeth with fluoride-containing toothpaste and other hygiene products. Lots of studies have revealed that fluoride which is a naturally occurring mineral helps in strengthening the enamel and by extension reducing teeth sensitivity.

Relaxing your brushing technique can also help in reducing gum recession which is mainly caused by overaggressive brushing.

There are several dental procedures you may undergo to reduce your teeth sensitivity. A majority of these procedures tackle the root causes of the dental disease and thus give you a permanent solution to your problems.

First, your Rockford dentist will assess your problem and proceed to remove any bacterial plaque and calculus that may have buildup on your teeth, root surfaces and gum. Plaque is acidic and as such a major contributor to sensitivity.

Where necessary, the dental operation may involve treating tooth decay to lessen the sensitivity. In extreme cases, surgical intervention may be pursued to help in addressing gum recession at the root level.