The Different Types of Light Bulbs to Incorporate in Your Lighting Fixtures


Long ago, light bulbs were pretty much simple and only a few specialty types existed. In fact, the choice variable was the wattage and nothing else. Today, the lighting scene has changed and homeowners are confronted with a wide array of choices and different classes of light bulbs. From compact fluorescent light bulbs, the innovation proceeded to light emitting diode bulbs, fluorescent tubes, high intensity discharge, and halogen light bulbs.

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In case you find it confusing, you are not alone. Below are some of the different types of light bulbs to help you in sorting out your lighting choices.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

These are the traditional, tungsten wire bulbs. They are not as common today because their energy efficiency is wanting and they have been effectively replaced with newer, much more efficient models. The production of these bulbs has been completely faced out and those in sale are the ones from the existing stock. Their lifespan is about 12 months on average.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

These bulbs are little curvy and twisted in shape. Their popularity has increased in recent years mainly because of their energy efficiency. They are less vulnerable to going out or breaking because instead of heating up a wire, they create light by exciting gases. A fluorescent light bulb can save you up to 9 years.

LED Light Bulbs

Compared to fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs are not only more energy efficient, but also last longer. According to professional forecasts, fluorescent lighting will have problems qualifying for energy star rating starting 2017 going forward.

The cost of purchasing LED bulbs has been on the decrease over the past few years and if this continues, they may become the standard lighting for homes.

Halogen and High Intensity Discharge Bulbs

These are considered task specific bulbs and you will often find them being used outdoors. Halogen lights are popularly used for directed spot lights or track lighting in the kitchen. Relative to LED and fluorescent lighting, halogen is less efficient and its lifespan is about a year. This is why their popularity is not as high.

High intensity discharge bulbs on the other hand are commonly used in industrial, commercial, or outdoor setting. They use sodium or mercury vapor to generate light.

There is another class of light bulbs which are described as Type A, Type B, or Type C. This should not scare you because it only refers to the shape and size of the light bulb and its mount.


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